Hometown Gas - L.p. company charging for p.s.i test.if tank is empty is a rip off

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the l.p.company have came up with a new 1 for us to pay .its called a p.s.i test if your tank is empty or has been un hooked .it dont sound bad at first .i bought a new tank from a local l.p.

com. and the following winter was a cold 1 and with the rain thy couldn't get to our house money was tight well we ran out .thy charged us 75. dollars told us it was a state law.if u run out u pay the 75. the next time i was down to 5 percent so i hooked up a small tank.thy purged my 5 percent and pressure tested my tank again.thats 150.

in pressure tests on a new tank that thy sold me the year before .at the end of the winter we had to pat them 300.00 in p.s.i.test.

now thy say that if u r going to work on your system u have to call them first its the law ??ho regulates the gas company's??

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